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Dionysus Is Dead
A group of young deities who used to be mere humans get into the world of omnipolitics - that is the politics of gods - to overthrow the system and become the powers that they used to believe in.
Josephine and Kurt
URBLORE characters.

Josephine is a blind swordswoman in the big city. Her brother Kurt is 30 years old but born with a defect that made him dimuniative but very strong. He wields a greatsword.

Josephine works a part time job selling music, Kurt is living off his parents' pension, but is the head of the family since he takes care of his old parents and looks over his sister.
The Massacre At Elpis - Titanfall Fanfic
Colton Reyes  'The Crimson Ghost' is said to have once been a good pilot. One who fought for the cause, one who embodied both the ferocity and humanity that only a pilot possesses, but he lost it along the way due to events that gave him his new monicker.

Three years after leaving the SRS and barely bordering the line between acknowledged pilot of the Militia and a Mercenary, Colton Reyes has been sent in on a combat mission on Elpis- The IMC got too greedy and set up a poorly defended base on the colony, and the SRS plans to make them pay for the mistake. Colton is happy to oblige.
Wild Dust
I should find a better occupation
than being this obsessed

She was black as the darkest night
it's not a jest

She walked out of the forest into the fire
and I wouldve followed her there

if it weren't so damn cold in my soul
i'd be there

She was wild dust
in a storm
she started sparks and fires
where she walked

she was coal -
compressed fossilization of the ire of Gaia

she was oil
energy and descration in one
a diamond of much worth

revenge served beautiful

She was wild dust,
She was wild dust...

She was wild dust.

for a long time, in my mind
the scoundrel
the demon seductress

luring you to the next cliff
and fall

and now I know you

for the brave face you are

in the spite of all the dangers and stagnation
of despair and misery


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Nothing to see here
The day keeps on turning, the seasons keep on turning, and it has been too long since I just felt great about the whole art process in general, and I doubt I'll feel it again, but I'll sure as hell keep at it.

I miss making art for the smallest reasons, I miss making it for the biggest reasons. I miss being inspired by the drawings and paintings I see from all across the board, no matter how many people like them or not. I miss that optimistic fool.

I'll never be that person again, but I sure as hell will try to reach out more, to draw more, to train more. To get back into the process.

Long story short, the process continues.
  • Listening to: Colour Fade by Funeral Suits
  • Reading: A Hole in Space by Larry Niven
  • Watching: 3%
  • Drinking: Mönschshof Naturtrübes Kellerbier

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