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Fast guitars, going faster than you heart
my favourite part, when the clapping starts

Summer on the seaside
water bluer than blue
hot sand burning
of course not any warmer than you

Well thought out serenades
lyrics that speak the truth
with simple words
that remind me of you

Bonfire on the ground
somewhere in the mood
our dancing shadows mingling
I think theyre happy too

Fast guitars
echoing away
playing with my feelings
in such a great way
There's black light, black scars
stuff you'll never talk about
on parchments not white but lighter than that
the black light, the black scars

But they're blemishes on what is real
love, hope, memories, and that happy feel
you'll never remember them when you're in it
you'll think it's all up to numbers and pendulums too

but it's real

love. hope. that happy feel.
I see her face even in my dreams. I don't even have to try.

Imagine eyes like pearls, set into perfect shimmering stone. Their colour is a pale gray flecked with green. Something that should not work together, but makes something unique instead. Oh, her eyes!

Her hair is dark, a river of black that lets no light through: It’s like looking at a waterfall of oil, like looking at the finest threaded mane. It cups her cherubim face, and her expression is one that makes me forget which side my heart it’s on: So much does it shift to the other that I cannot know this. Sometimes the sight of them makes me forget to hear the world around me.

She smells like autumn rain: It's a scent of nature saying goodbye to the warm summer and hello to winter. It's a scent that evokes such wistful feelings of distance and melancholy that I feel she must be a Dryad on a journey to some place one can never know of or understand. I have a brain, she is not perfect.

Perhaps she is not a goddess, but she is in the realm of the spiritual and the unknown.

I know what life is. I know that there are starving children on the planet. I think of the evil the world has and try not to be it, but I am it: I am in love. Samantha is her name.

She talks to me, sometimes, and I feel myself jump even as I struggle to get the words out through my laptop.

I've been paraplegic for two years now. I think between my sunny personality and the fact that Hawking is such a role model I can survive this school life well enough. Besides, I am someone who knows his ways around numbers. Thank goodness for technology and the scientific world that judges a man by the worth of his brain. Without these I would be worth nothing. My family loves me, and I am thankful.

I know I will never even be able to imagine being with her. For I am ugly. But I live for those moments I meet her in the hallway, all the little conversations, all the little smiles.
They are worth it. So much more than worth it.
There was once a cat
it was really very fat
it was really very fat when it ate a fat rat
it sits all meows all day
and purrs like a lambourghini when it wants to play

its got fur like winter
and a moves like jaeger
and sleeps most of the time
except when it walks with a swagger

its the king of its house
it rolls on the ground
it chases yarns
and flits after laser pointers
and views water with alarm

there was once a cat
it was really very fat
it sat on my keyboard and pounced on my mouse
it destroyed my work but refused to get out
because after all it's the king of the house
It happens to be a surprise when you lose more hope than you thought you had
when the metaphors and synonyms stop playing around and become tangible things
when one fucks up and experiences all the pain that brings

poetry of misery
it looks exactly like what it looks like
and not so much at the same time


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Well that went well.

I was aiming to take my time and go through the book page by page, despite how things turned out, but I got so, so so exhausted by it that I just stopped. I got some of the basic proportions right, but the stuff just felt so tiresome and tedious to do that I lost interest.
Should learning always be fun and games? Maybe not. I mean there are some fundamental things people should learn and there must be moments where it sucks but it helps in the end. You don't gain muscle by lounging in a chair, so even as a more mind related thing art should also have it hills to get over.

But this Loomis just isn't the one for me. I've never been enticed by the complicated names of human anatomy or the super complex descriptions. I hope to be able to return to it one day ready to tackle such things, but I'll look into other ways to learn for now.

I just want to keep my mileage up for now, because I hate losing the will to draw at all because the tutorials I was using at the time was a terrible experience.

I'll be working on the most basic stuff to improve my output, and draw what I like interim.
  • Reading: Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy

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