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Demon possession, pride, craziness, I do not know, but this Tuesday 15 April 2014, I wrote 50,000 words! Starting from 4:30 AM and finishing in quite a state at 10:30 PM. Ah, damn you Camtasia, I recorded reaching the finishing line and doing a dance, and it would've been a sight to see.

Anyways, I've got to thank these awesome people for inspiration in the first place




And Fluufa, who celebrated his success with awesome beat boxing. Watched his video quite a lot to recharge my batteries along this journey. 

What saved me in the field though was this nifty Day One Tracker. It reminded me cruelly about how far behind I was, and to basically pick up the pace or fail.…

There was no time to take notes, and I was too lazy to write much anyways, but I'll give it a try.

- When I started I was tentative. I had only made a phonecall to a friend the other day, so I didn't really have much of an obligation. I could procrastinate this to another day. Tuesday isn't anything special after all. Haha. And then I put up a facebook status, and before I could have any second thoughts it was commented on.

- I discovered embarrassment is a motivator for me. It really shouldn't be, but this time it was. I had put my neck out there, and with more than one person commenting on the status, it was do or die.

-The Day One Tracker on the side, I continued from where I left off on some novel project, stuffing in words and trying to conjure inspiration from nowhere. There was no inspiration. There were nice development notes, so easy to write at the time, but adapting it into a story? No pixie dust, just the annoying nagging excel sheet and the hope that I could make it.

- Living in the moment was the only way to survive. In the beginning, when I had the time, I tried to calculate roughly how much one could reach 50K in 24 hours. Should be obvious right? Even if i wrote 2000 words every hour, I would most definately not make it. I'm so lucky I didn't pay too much attention to that, or I'd have given up. When the time got rough i just focused on writing and fulfilling goals in the now. I shrank from thinking in the hour to thinking in the minutes, reaching micro-goals in every five minutes of the hour.

- Slowly the 'distance behind' shrank and the required average needed to write decreased by the hour.

- Food wasn't going so well. I found I could really only eat lightly, and just drink a lot of water.

- By the time i reached 25k I was clearly in or out, but the goal was just soooo far away. My left pinky kept on glitching, and I felt an odd elation. I kept on slapping my feet against the floor, and occasionally I'd go outside to jump around.

- The most important part were the 10-15 minute breaks at the beginning of an hour. I tweeted/used facebook to update my wordcount, and kept on going.

- I should take the opportunity to say that my friends are awesome. One doubted I'd finish but not in a crushing way. It made me want to challenge the bastard. The others cheered me on. The challenge is mostly for me, but it definitely wouldn't have worked without that.

- There's nothing much to share apart from that actually. The memory of it is already fading away, i mean the actual rush and pounding, but, I've definitely learnt something from it. I can't put it clearly into words (the irony) but I've emerged from that differently.

-If there is something to say I finally get that thing that famous people do, that thing the heroes do where they work ridiculously hard against the pain. I'm sure there are more painful things than writing 50k in a day, but in my whole life i don't think i've tried to do something with this amount of determination before, it was eye opening.

- Guess i could put it into words after all. Hope it makes sense? Haha, i'm assuming people read this.

- I wish i had a blog.

In any case, there ends the story. The document itself, to be honest, is an atrocious monument to bad grammar, typos, and a patchwork work, but I'm glad that I did it, and I hope to be able to do it again.
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