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Death is not meant for you my friend

In the throes of misery?

Say hello immortality

The seconds stretch to hours

The days become ages

And not a single good thought can ward the despicable plot

If I ever become happy again?

That is when I approach my end

Suddenly, Death becomes my friend
Hack Wythe
Hack Wythe is a 17 year old triprofessional - a master blacksmith, glassmaker and heavy swordsman armed with the enchanted heavy sword Garomir

He's a merchant by trade, and often becomes a mercenary. He refuses to work alone and take unnecessary risks, although he is highly proficient in combat. When he's too tied up he uses very sharp glass daggers to make short work of medium ranged enemies, buying him time to draw the destructive Garomir.

He's a curious and calculating person, sometimes oblivious to certain norms in his singular interest to make money and study the world. He looks interesting, but can be boring as a person as a result.

His sister is a dimensional witch in training that often mixes herself up with his work.
I love you

Let's be alone together

Damaged beings, unable to talk about the plagues that plague
The scars that have scarred

Let's embrace and bleed oil tears that dry so terribly
Let's know that we'll share space but hold the deepest horrors to ourselves

And accept
That I love you, and that you love me

Let's be alone together

Let's love eachother
Let's be Alone Together…

I've always known that we'll never be talk about those darkest darkest thoughts
but i'll accept you as you are
so long as you accept me as I am
My name is Nevermare
I'm here to say Goodbye

Nevermare is the daughter of a daughter of a cousin of Death, and takes her super minor yet important role of Consolation to those who have passed or have lost loved ones. Since she's aloof with her job, she doesn't go out of her way to let people sense her, let alone see her, but she does it nonetheless.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
My name is Xerxes

I am the patron saint of sketchiness

I am laziness compounded with procrastination and short bursts of inspiration

I am sappy poetry and undefineable

I am desperately looking for a way to make my Bio sound interesting
The day keeps on turning, the seasons keep on turning, and it has been too long since I just felt great about the whole art process in general, and I doubt I'll feel it again, but I'll sure as hell keep at it.

I miss making art for the smallest reasons, I miss making it for the biggest reasons. I miss being inspired by the drawings and paintings I see from all across the board, no matter how many people like them or not. I miss that optimistic fool.

I'll never be that person again, but I sure as hell will try to reach out more, to draw more, to train more. To get back into the process.

Long story short, the process continues.
  • Listening to: Colour Fade by Funeral Suits
  • Reading: A Hole in Space by Larry Niven
  • Watching: 3%
  • Drinking: Mönschshof Naturtrübes Kellerbier

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Cheers man, you're good at what you do. Keep at it
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Funny thing is today is also my birthday and it is also the birthday of one of my sisters friends. Then again there are about several thousand babies being born every day :D.
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HAHAHA Yikes i'm a bastard! How come I didn't see this earlier!?
Happy Birthday to you, to me, and to the thousands of other people with birthdays.

Incidentally it's also my dad's birthday hahaha.

Wowee that's a tonne of icons I can never hope to defeat.
RavenMalteese Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017
Ha its ok, we all have busy lives.

Must be convinient in planning birthday parties, my parents used to combine my birthday party with my third sister who was born on Feb 2nd
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Ah, that... I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing haha.

Oh man I haven't had a birthday party in ages.
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