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A total 180 degree turn from my original impressions. Just coming from watching this

Highschool musical spoof of an episode. I was so offically defeated at this point.
Crafting an origami
My happiness was secured
until I saw my neighbour beside me had made thousands of them - of every colour of the rainbow

suddenly my hours spent toiling over my flimsy printer-paper crane
felt pointless and plain
My Flimsy Origami
if i had ultimate solitude, i would be happy
Before I was born I suspect I recieved a hate note from an evil angel
It must have said:

May mirrors shatter wherever you walk
May salt shakers suicide dive off tabletops

May it rain in houses where you walk in
and the wet floor erode into thousands of cracks - to break your grandma's back

May sticks turn into iron batons
and stones into 45. calibre full metal jackets
and words stick to you like glue
tougher to get rid of than Magdeburg hemispheres

And finally
When you try to make a joke

may resounding silence ...

be your applause
Hate note From an Evil Angel
To you, with much malevolence
So a friend on a forum created what he called The Insane Massive Training Project, where one would reproduce 10 chapters of a manga's work.

It started early last year, and on and off it became clear that indeed, this was an insane project, and all of us decided to call it quits.

On a whim I decided not to let more unfinished challenges lie, so I decided to tweak the rules and allow myself to participate in the project through tracing.

And finally, finally I completed it. And though I didn't become a master, I most definitely learnt a lot.

I of course did Bleach, because I do admire his style, and it's certainly one of the more simpler ones out there to tackle.

page 1

page 2

page 3+4

page 5

page 6

page 7






Bleach 564

page 13

page 14

page 15

page 16

page 17

page 18

page 19

page 20

page 21

page 22

page 23

page 24

page 25

page 26

page 27

page 28

page 29 (page above)

<img wytiwyg="1" src="…><br wytiwyg="1" wytiwyg=" 1"="">page 30

<img wytiwyg="1" =""="">
page 31

page 32

page 33

page 34

page 35

page 38

page 39

page 40

page 41

page 42

page 43

page 44

page 45

page 46

page 47

page 48

page 49

Page 50. I'm 1/4th the way there. Still alot of days remaining. I hope I can finish this workshop. It'll be a small victory.

page 51

page 52

page 53

page 54

page 55

page 56

page 57

page 58

page 59

page 60

page 61

page 62

page 63

page 64

page 65

page 66

page 67

page 68

page 69

you know, it's always bothered me that Shinji took that bomb blast like a little bitch

page 70
bleach 555 end

page 71
bleach 556

page 72

page 73

page 74

page 75

page 76

page 77

page 78

page 79

page 80

page 81

page 82

page 83

page 84

page 85

page 86

page 87
bleach 556 end

page 88
bleach 566 start

page 89

page 90

page 91

page 92

page 93

page 94

page 95

page 96

page 97

page 98

page 99

page 100

page 101

99 pages to go. Halfway there at last.

page 102

page 103

He uses complicated tones for his ice a pen has no real hope to emulate

page 104

end of bleach 566

bleach 567 start
page 105

page 106

page 107

page 108

page 109

page 110

page 111

page 112

page 113

page 114

page 115

page 116

page 117

page 118

page 119

page 120

page 121
bleach 567 end
6th chapter end

page 122
bleach 568 start
7th chapter start

page 123

page 124

page 125

page 126

page 127

page 128

page 129

page 130

page 131

page 132

page 133

page 134

page 135

page 136

page 137
bleach 568 end
7th chapter end

page 138
bleach 570 start
8th chapter start

page 139

page 140

page 141

page 141

page 142

page 143

page 144

page 145

page 146

page 147

page 148

page 149

page 150

page 151

page 152

page 153
bleach 570 end
8th chapter end

From here on out I did the pages in a single day.

page 154
bleach 582 start
9th chapter start

page 155

page 156

page 157

page 158

page 159

page 160

page 161

page 162

page 163

page 164

page 165

page 166

page 167

page 168

page 169

page 170
bleach 582 end
9th chapter end

page 171
bleach 586 start
10th chapter start

page 172

page 173

page 174

page 175

page 176

page 177

page 178

page 179

page 180

page 181

page 182

page 183

page 184

page 185

page 186
bleach 586 end


At this point I have officially finished the '10 chapters' goal of the workshop. But to get a round number of 200 pages I pushed on.

page 187

page 188

page 189

page 190

page 191

page 192

page 193

page 194

page 195

page 196

page 197

page 198

page 199

page 200

page 201

page 202 "Mugetsu"

page 203 a moonless sky indeed.

This whole thing has been such an experience. I don't know how big a window it is into the life of a mangaka and Kubo Tite, but I can certainly say I've gained quite a bit of insights from this excercise, and a whole new level of respect for Kubo and Bleach. The work he must put into this is phenomenal despite my usual gripes, and it's a sobering lesson especially considering how tiresome it was when I was tracing already created content. And I didn't even emulate the tones!

Lot's of food for thought to mull over, but all in all Im just so glad, here at midnight to say that I've finished this workshop.

Hell. Yes.
Now this is some good news for once. So looking forward to it. I don't care if it's milking, marketing tactics or whatever, the manga is legitimately good enough for the mangaka to mess around like this. So looking forward to it.…


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A total 180 degree turn from my original impressions. Just coming from watching this

Highschool musical spoof of an episode. I was so offically defeated at this point.

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